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Oil on canvas

Dimension: 140х100 cm / 55,11x39.4 in

The ballerina is a symbol of Russian culture and its achievements.
This ballerina is a generalized image of all cultural and show business figures who kept silent or supported the terrible war of Russia against Ukraine. Her face is covered by a television test chart, symbolizing propaganda. It corroded the brain and blinded the Russian people and culture. The ballerina's hands in blood are the collective responsibility of all those who started, supported, or quietly kept silent about this terrible war. The ballerina continues to dance - a symbol of the fact that those involved in the regime and propaganda continue to entertain the people, pretending that nothing seems to be happening. On the sole, there is an inscription - "Made in Russia", and a mole is drawn. This is one of the nicknames of the tyrant and executioner - Putin.

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