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Oil paints on canvas & glowing in the dark paints.

Dimension: 27.5 W x 19.7 H x 0.6 D inches / 70 x 50 cm.

Mavka is a character from ancient Ukrainian legends. She appeared as a beautiful young woman with long hair. Despite her beauty, she was considered a creature from the underworld and was believed to serve dark forces in the human imagination. Mavkas lived in rivers, lakes, and swamps. During the day, they stayed underwater, emerging on the banks at sunset. Mavkas were said to be the spirits of unbaptized girls or deceased young children. They sought revenge on humans for their premature deaths by misleading them off paths and drowning them in bogs. They could also tickle people to death and often lure young men to their doom.

The painting is made with glow-in-the-dark paint. This paint absorbs light energy and ultraviolet and glows in the dark or twilight. To get a good glowing effect place the paintings on a wall that is well lit by the sun throughout the day.

Would be perfect for the interior and would become a precious gem that shines brightly in your home or office.

Original Created:2024

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